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One of the most important decisions for someone who is planning to build website and launch it with full aplomb is to find a great web hosting provider for hosting the site. I remember when I first plunged into the field of web-designing or rather blogging and bought my first domain name, I had a hard to time locating reliable information about different web hosting providers out there. The host you choose will determine various aspects of your websites. The most important things to look for in a web hosting provider are: the cost of the hosting plan, the type of plans offered, the disk space yo get, bandwidth alowed, the up-time of site and any other additional features/facilities provided to you.

To help you with your decision of choosing the perfect place to host your website, take a look at the list of top 10 web hosts complied with great effort and much research at the trusted old website WP Designer.com

The list is claimed to be up to date and should be able to help any web designer choose the host that most fits their requirements. The web hosting companies at the aforementioned web host list are ranked by Price, Server Up-Time, Reliability, Ease-of-Use, Control Panel and Customer Support. I was surprised at some the prices of these hosts as they are much less than what most of us pay to for hosting each month. Whats more is that most of them provide a free domain name with each plan as well as unlimited or more than enough disk space.

The post at WPdesigner.com is a helpful one as it is not biased and they provide detailed information about each one of the hosting companies. All the companies in the list are reviewed in details and scored based on the following:

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I myself found the post very useful and have bookmarked it for future reference hoping that it will be kept updated at later time too. Why I do trust this list is also because I have been visiting the site for quite a long time for wordpress themes and other tips/tutorials. I do not see any reason why not to use this comprehensive list of web hosts that includes unbiased review of each host and lists their pros and cons that any web-designer must know before purchasing a hosting plan for your site. Its a big hassle searching all over the internet and comparing different plans and when you eventually purchase hosting, you do not want to keep thinking about the hosting part of your site but focus on other more important aspects of your website. Use this list to make sure you make the right decision and do not require any host shifting later on.

I hope you find the post and the link useful. This was a sponsored post but I truly believe the link helps! I trust the WPdesigner site as I am sure many of you do too, its been around for long and is a wonderful resource site for web designers especially for all of us who use wordpress. So do check out another helpful post there and choose a great host for your own website :)

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