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Being a student myself and one who aspires to do post graduation from the US, I think I understand quite well the importance of financial aid for covering tuition as well as other study related costs. I am an international student of course but I know many of you may find this article very helpful. This is a period of ‘bad economy’ in the US and the federal loans or financial aid from the college itself is not enough to cover the growing costs of education and other aspects related to it.

Alternative loans is a very simple website dedicated to enlighten student population about the private loan options available to them for helping them pay their college fees and cover other expenses that are part and parcel of higher education.

The website is simple, it is based on the KISS principle, i.e, Keep it simple stupid! This is quite evident as there is not design or layout, just plain text explaining what it is meant to. It is an article which tells students about how the alternative student loan works and how it is better than federal aid or loans.

The article features information about the types of alternative student loans available, how they are assigned and how useful they are. There are few banks which offer private loan and the goal of this website is to pick few such banks and talk about them. They also have a link for a blog that exclusively talks about student private loans and is updated regularly.

I think the article was very short, simple and easy to understand. It does what it is meant to do: giving information about the alternative loan options for students and provides them links for more information about the same. I personally found the website informative and I am sure that many students will agree. The season for applications is coming soon for 2010 session and many of us are looking for options of financial aid to pay the tuition fees. Whats great about these loans are that they also cover expenses for boarding, studying abroad, computers and other such paraphernalia that are associated with today’s education standards.

I would recommend every student who is looking for financial aid and finds the federal aid and loans insufficient to cover their education expenses, to go and check out the Alternative loans website and also check their blog. This is a sponsored post but I only stated my unbiased opinion about the website. I hope you find the information helpful.


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    Nice post sis! Really really helpful :D

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    I’ve been using your rainbow smilies for the longest time. They really are perfect! :) And I’m really glad Bouncy Bubbles has been online all this time. Please keep up the good work and take care! <3

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