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Wow I have outdone myself at procrastinating things! I can’t even say that I was busy or make an excuse that I have a real life anymore XD lol! Seriously, I have been busy yeah, busy playing games on facebook :sweat: that is how I spend most of the hours of my days now. Okay, since I have nothing else to talk about, I shall discuss my latest addiction to facebook games!

It all started 2 years back when I started playing Pet Society and I played and played till my wrist started hurting and I had serious worries about developing carpal tunnel syndrome :lmao: but anyways, then I got busy with my exams, internship, studies, graduate school application preparation and stuff and now you can find my sweet pet Chantu dirty, starving and covered with flies @ Pet society :ow: I feel bad and sometimes (once every 2-3 months?) go and clean him, pet him and feed him, buy new clothes etc. but the craze is gone. So I was living a good life after the addiction of PS got over and I started using facebook much less, only to keep in touch with friends or occasionally update my status. However, the addiction is back and I am afraid to say that this time it is worse. I remember joining “fan pages” such as these – “I don’t care about your mafia, farms and crops” or “I will kill your animals and burn your crops if you send me one more farmville invitation” and so on. I have so much time these days and I enjoy wasting every minute. I saw almost all my fb friends playing these games and thought I’d give it a try and now my friends, I am officially addicted to not one but many facebook games at the same time!

I am actively playing Farmville, Mafia Wars and Treasure Isle these days…not a day goes when I don’t go to my farm and seed/harvest new crops or buy stuff to decorate my farm. I also very diligently do my jobs and rob properties @ Mafia wars and have recently started hunting indefatigably for hidden treasures and such @ Treasure Isle. Also, I say this is much worse than playing pet society all day like I use to earlier because I have actually (believe it or not, friends) paid real money for farmville cash! And not once, I did it 3 times already because I just had to buy some limited edition items… :wtf: and I know how stupid all this is but I still did it :mum:

I am blogging about it because I have realized how crazy I have been acting and what a lazy sloth I am sitting in front of my computer all day playing these stupid games and wasting real money and time! Anyways, I guess I will try to get rid of this addiction and find my life again. I tell you guys, this is miserable and I know I have no life and I pity myself still I keep playing…what the hell!? The first step for solving a problem is to admit that you have one and I hereby confess on my blog (that no one reads these days btw) that I am addicted to facebook and the games there. I am gonna try to lessen the time I spend on facebook from tomorrow/today (its 4 am, I was up because I had to harvest my crops :wtf: lol). Yes, this is more like a note to self, not really a blog entry :P hehe.

In other news, what motivated me to blog was my friend commenting me on my last post. Please check out his website DeviousZone.com because he is so cool :devil: so you must visit and encourage his new blog. Also the poor baby broke his thumb and you must wish him quick recovery :xoxo:

I won’t even say that I will start working on my site again and blog more because I am sick and tired of saying and not doing what I say. Damn you procrastination :argh: well I wont say but yes I do hope I blog more soon, its better than playing facebook games ya? Ok girls, bye for now, I will be back :X


  1. PsyDeViL on April 11th, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    whats yp with the title of port.
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    The sites up but im wondering if it left something broken. Keep an eye and let me know if something is broken.

  2. Kanu on April 11th, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    the headline/title image plugin is not working anymore for some reason..ugh for now I just deactivated it but I need it to work, this title font looks so ugly :-L

  3. Kylie on April 13th, 2010 at 7:14 am

    :lol: I can fully relate and feel your pain, I too am addicted to facebook games – namely Zoo World, Farmville and Cafe World. Good luck beating your addiction, you know it’s bad when you realise you are spending real money on ultra rare collectibles and wotnot!! Must go now and feed my animals.

:) :( ^_^ :P :wtf: :mad: :lol: :sweat: :-| :D XD :hi: ;) <3 :whoa: :sleepy: :omg: :cry: more »

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