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Hey dear diary…I am just sorry for not updating in more than 1 month. I have been busy. I have no great excuses but then, its my blog you know :) hehe, I am in a bad mood right now.

Well anyways, just to give you some updates on my not so happening life…I am in no mood to write coherently so I will just make random bullet points, who cares!?

  • I gave my GRE and TOEFL.
  • I will be applying to US graduate schools soon.
  • 2 cute stray puppies passed away.
  • I need a new laptop, bad.
  • I finished reading gone with the wind, finally!
  • I have to watch the movie avatar…soon!
  • I hate wordpress for launching a new version every minute.
  • I still love wordpress coz it rocks my world (online world).
  • I bought a new webcam.
  • I am bored of ‘pet society’ on facebook.
  • I think I miss my college and friends.
  • I miss my sister the most.
  • Its true that I miss working on the site too.
  • I have got to lose more weight, yes sir!
  • I am literally frozen right now, cold n numb.
  • I bought a treadmill, hopefully not for hanging clothes.
  • I don’t like twitter much these days.
  • I seriously need a hug :(
  • I dunno what else to say…

I am sorry my online friends, for just disappearing! Real life took over. You know what matters in the end that I still blogged, even though it made absolutely no sense at all. I am Miss Pissy Pissterson right now. Meh….bye for now. I may later delete this blog post, when I am back in my senses. Sorry if I offended someone or bored you to death. Bye.

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