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I wanted to work on this site as much as possible before I get busy again but guess what? I am already too busy doing nothing. Its funny how I have no time to work on this site as much as I would like to because I am always so busy doing nothing at all, lazying around, wasting time watching tv, playing games online and browsing in general :P This week, I have accomplished nothing :sigh:

Anyways, I am so happy to read all the wonderful comments from awesome people! Its amazing that people still remember my site from old days :D I feel so special and I kind of miss my old online friends…ahh nostalgia :( I have no idea where most of those people/sites disappeared. I hope I find some of my old friends or they find me. However, I have discovered various new talented and amazing web designers while browsing personal websites/blogs in last few days. I just keep clicking on links I find on other sites and then the ones I find on those sites…and so on. I have decided to bookmark all the good websites I come across, all the interesting blogs I read and all the amazing people find in the blogging world. I am going to link these sites on my links page as soon as I get around making one :-|

Its not like I did nothing though, I did try to validate this theme (only the theme). After much failed attempts, I finally got it to validate and I am so proud of that, considering I had no idea about all those errors I got from the validator in those attempts. I am happy to say that my theme now has a valid CSS and valid XHTML. But, yes there is always a but :ow: not all the pages of this site are validated yet. The comments page just wont validate due to some of the wordpress plugins. I am sure I can find a way around this problem but I got lazy and have been procrastinating this task :mum: I hope I can work on it in the next week.

I have also uploaded some new winamp skins I made :wohoo:

Click here for preview ↓

My tribute to the king of pop, on his 51st birth anniversary. Happy birthday Michael Jackson, rest in peace :luv: Check them out! I don’t believe this! I am having a bad bad heart burn :cry: it hurts!! Nothing works, I will have to keep drinking water all night now…well I am going to nd this post with some links. I hope I can update more content soon. See you all and thanks for reading :bye:

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