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Hello my friends ^-^  Yay! I am back in the  world of web/graphic designing :wohoo:  yes I finally moves my lazy bum and started working on this site. Oh my god, I missed it so much :luv:

I have to admit that my mind has become kinda rusty and I have to refresh my memory and learn how things worked again! I have forgotten so much about wordpress, html, css and all that in general that I feel completely lost at times while working on my site. But, I like refreshing my memory and it feels great when I recall old skills sometimes and have those ‘A-ha’ moments every once in a while :grin: I am loving working on the site and making new goodies..god I missed all this! I had forgotten how I loved doing this stuff hehe but I remember now. I am gonna be adding a lot more goodies and update many things on this site. I also want to make a new theme although I LOVE this theme and it is by far the best theme on my site…it was challenging to code this one I remember. I do miss the ‘kawaii’ a.k.a cuteness factor though. I may make a cute theme soon and try to “skin” my site…though wordpress seems so difficult these days as I have forgotten most of the stuff but I know I will get around learning it again. As you must know, I have nothing else to do at the moment in my life so I might as well spend the time learning old skills again and acquiring new ones in the process, maybe ;)

I have started making some new goodies as I find some of the old ones down right disgusting :lmao:  but that takes time and I want to make really cute and good stuff so yeah. I am also working hard to convert my whole site i.e. all the pages into wordpress pages and damn its time consuming and kinda boring but I have to get it done to make updating these pages easy. I have started replying to my emails too lol! I have aded some new links/affiliates and I am looking for more link exchanges so please contact me if you want to be my friend. Also, I have had numerous requests for putting the tutorials back up and I am working on it too. You see, many of my tutorials are now out dated and I want to make sure that there are no errors in them and so it will take time but definitely the section will be back up. I also got requests to put the layouts and wordpress themes back up (I think my wordpress themes suck but I guess people use them as base templates?) so I will do that too. For now, here is what I have done so far:

That is it for now, I am working on the following at the moment:

  1. Adding more of my “art work”.
  2. Making an “about me” page.
  3. Fixing old tutorials.
  4. Putting back old wordpress themes.
  5. Making more goodies :X

Please feel free to let me know if you encounter any errors on this site or have anything else to say. I am looking for cute sites to visit, please contact me if you want to exchange links with me!

P.S: Thank you for your lovely comments and emails friends, I find them very encouraging and I really appreciate you still visiting and liking my site. I am sorry I disappear but I hope I won’t anymore.


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