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Update: I have fixed the wordpress paragraph error by diligently going through my entire theme code a few times and comparing it wit the last working version…my bad, I had missed a closing div tag :eek: so all is well now.

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I am frustrated! I have been trying painstakingly hard so that this wordpress theme looks good in both firefox and IE for the past 3 days! I made this theme for firefox and never really checked it in IE :mum: because I hate IE. Well I just checked it in IE and to my horror, it looks like absolute piece of crap in that antiquated browser. The good thing is that most people prefer firefox over IE and almost 99% of visitors of my site use it too but what about those remaining 1%? They will be appalled to see the crappy layout and leave as soon as they enter the site. So I pulled my socks up and plunged into the world of endless coding, recoding, tweaking, checking, testing css, html of this theme to make it look good in both the browsers. I tried for 3 damn days :sweat: but nothing worked! I was absolutely frustrated and so damn pissed because I just can’t ignore the fact that the theme looks amazingly stupid in IE :-L

The thing with me is that I can not leave one thing and move to the next one until I have fixed the first problem. I had big plans of fixing the content of this site, adding more goodies, remaking tutorials and all that stuff but due to this pain in the ass kinda problem of fixing the theme for IE… all those plans were ignored.

Anyways, so after spending hours and hours on trying to fix things, reading tons of tutorials, testing and failing 100 times and retesting and again failing many more times, messing up the original code and pulling my hair out…I think I have managed to make the theme look decent in both the browsers. It was definitely a very challenging thing to do this and I almost gave up but like I said, I can’t give up and move to the thing so I just kept trying. Now I hope all this hard work was worth it and the 1% visitors of my site will also see the theme the way it is meant to be seen.  I still think though, someone should ban IE  :argh:  and I hate it even more. now. Well, until its banned, I will have to go through the pain I guess… I just hope I have fixed all the errors in the design that made it look different in different browsers :think:

Thank you for your lovely comments guys! I am so glad you liked my theme :angel:  and I will return comments soon. I want to work on the actual content of the site but this wordpress theme is giving me a hard time :( Anyways, I will blog later…wow what a blog entry, it pure frustration and ranting. Excuse me for this post :P  bye for now.


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