I am blogging here after exactly 1 year! Well, so much has happened that I don’t know from where to begin :think:I think I will update slowly about everything that is going on in my life because frankly, I don’t think anyone gives a damn! I was reminded about the site on facebook by some old friends and it was then that I realized that the domain name had expired and I panicked! Even though I have not visited my own website in months (1year :mum: ) I just do not want to lose it! I was scared that I lost the domain name but I have managed to renew it and I am gonna transfer it to godaddy.com now.

Anyway I want to write all about my life but the things that are happening in it are kinda overwhelming so I am gonna save them for later. I just want to post here for the sake of it because the last entry was made in May 2010 and that kinda makes me sad  :sigh:

I have upgraded wordpress and some plugins and I am sure there must be some errors somewhere on this site that I have not been able to catch. The users online plugin is giving me trouble and some of the plugins are causing my css and xhtml to not validate. I am going to try to fix all the problems soon. I want to get back to blogging…I miss it!

Bleh..to cut the long story short: I am now in the US (although not right now…)! I am a graduate student and busy studying and working part time. My life has changed a lot and there is just too much going on and I guess I have been super busy in the last one year. There are other things going on too..in the personal life and again, I don’t know from where to begin. I broke up with my boyfriend of like..so many years and obviously it was not easy but I am doing fine now. It all seems okay now and a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Right now I am on my summer vacations after the end of second semester and I am in India!! I am relatively free and so relaxed! I am enjoying the vacations as I know I have to study hard once I go back to the states in June. I have to write a license exam to be able to work in the US and that will need a lot of hard work!

Last semester we were asked to write a journal on the school website every week and we all did it because it was to be graded but I kinda sorta started enjoying it and I missed blogging on my site! I missed the time when I used to blog every few days and read other people’s blogs. I realized that its kind of therapeutic for me to pour in all my thoughts in one place and reflect on what happens in my daily life. I decided I would go back to blogging once the semester ended and we no longer had to write a journal.

Well, for now I will fix things around the site, update a few pages and put some new ones. I was working hard on the website before I got super busy and left everything unfinished. Luckily, I have saved all the old files and pages and can start working on them whenever I like. I hope I can keep up with this blogging now. I am gonna blog more later…just so confused what all to include in this one entry after 1 long year!

P.S:  I am super excited for something right now…I don’t wanna reveal it but pray that all goes well!


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