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Okay okay so nothing changed after my last post. I still go on facebook as soon as I wake up and start playing those silly little games! I tried to stay away from farmville and that lasted for about a week (hardly) but instead of doing something productive in that time, I started playing other facebook games…WTF! I am ashamed ladies…its not a good feeling wasting time sitting in front of the computer all day :meh:

So anyways, I am also playing farmville again and I just cant stop myself, its an addiction…true that. One of the main reasons why I have become a facebook addict is because I have nothing else to do. Or atleast thats what I use as an excuse…even though that is not entirely true. I was reading a novel – Emma by Jane Austen and I left is midway because I got too busy playing online games. I have so many movies that I need to watch but I don’t have time because of the games and most of all, I should be exercising and there is no excuse of not doing that, ever.

:-| Damn girls! I suck. I need to pull up my socks and get a grip on myself before I completely lose it. I think I know what to do. I think I will delete all the gaming applications from facebook…omg the thought gives me a sinking feeling though. Maybe, maybe I could just let them on and stop playing games. I just wont click the applications…I wont go on facebook. I know it wont work :( OMG I need help!

I am on a mission now. I have decided what to do. I am going to stay away from facebook as much as I can. Lets see how I do this time. By the way I took a screen shot of the game that I have been playing and just see how much progress I have made in last few days, its called Treasure Isle.Its just another game from Zynga with amazing graphics and totally addictive…I have been playing it for only 2 weeks maybe but I am already level 40! It takes a big loser to achieve such a thing :wohoo:

Treasure Isle

This pic is my wallpaper these days, enough said :eh: :sigh:

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