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This is a short blog just to let everyone know that I am still around, still alive. I am busy studying for GRE and I tell you, its getting boring. I have exactly 1 month left for preparation. I am scared and all but its getting so boring learning new words to improve vocabulary…mugging long word lists and trying hard to retain them! Its definitely not easy, mostly because it gets so repetitive and frustrating :ow:

In other news, I have been buying too many things on ebay lately. I made some money in last few months through my site and all… and also my sis sends me money and I am wasting all of it! I feel terribly addicted to ebay (read: blythe dolls, bags, cute collectives etc.) and am struggling with my strong urges to spend everything I find in my paypal :argh:

I bought flickr pro account by the way, which is good :wohoo: and also some paid memberships to GRE related sites that allow unlimited numbers of mock tests etc. so its not all bad I guess but I need to save money :ok

Alright, I am blogging from my dashboard and can hardly see what I am typing so will end this one here. I need to get back to mugging new words :sleepy: wish me luck!

Will blog later, hopefully soon. Good night everyone :bye:

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