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Hey everyone! I have not blogged in almost 20 days and my site looks dead. I am sorry for not being able to blog and return comments. I will be returning all my comments though, its just taking time :sweat:

Well I am writing this post just to let you all know that I will be away from the internet as much as possible because I have lots of other things to do which are much more important. My top priority right now is to give the GRE. Yes, I am preparing for the graduate record exam to be able to apply to some of the US universities for the next fall session. The process starts almost an year earlier for us international students and this is the peak time when all the application thing should be worked upon. For those who are wondering, I am applying for masters of science courses related to the field of physical therapy. I am busy researching universities, courses, procedures and what not these days. Obviously, these things are important and take time and concentration, so I have put all my energy into this research and of course preparation for the standardized examinations.

This is the main reason why I did not blog for so long or return comments. Although its kind of funny because I do come online a lot, I check my emails, chat with my sis, research for things etc. but I just don’t do anything about this site. I think its justified…I do not want to divert my attention to this site stuff for now. So please do not expect any site updates for now, however, I will definitely be visiting my site to check comments and reply to them. I also check my email regularly and update links page often. I am open to link exchanged by the way so apply if you want to exchange links with me (the contact form is on the links page only). I do need a break once in a while and I like visiting blogs and browsing personal websites so I would love to exchange links with you :)

Nothing great is happening in my life as usual. I have been too busy studying and searching for all kind of information to help in the process of applying to the universities. I also have to make many rounds of my college to collect various documents and other required stuff. Other than that, I do not really go out these days :-| I have no life. Well, I wont be updating things on this site for sometime but I may blog here when I have something great to share. Oh, and I will get back to my site once things are more settled. I just hope that everything goes smoothly and if it does, I will be free again after 2-3 months…relatively. Please wish me luck!

Note: I am till active on twitter & plurk so feel free to follow me and stay in touch. You can always email me using the contact form on the site if its something important. Also, please exchange links with me ^_^

Well thats it, I am going to get back to studying more word lists for GRE, trying to build up my vocabulary these days. I will blog later if I feel like :X

P.S: I will return comments :ok

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