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There are 54 plugins used: 33 active plugins and 21 inactive plugins.

Active Plugins

Akismet 3.1.11  Akismet 3.1.11
» Automattic (url)
Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for an Akismet plan to get an API key, and 3) Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.

Collapsible Elements 2.2  Collapsible Elements 2.2
» ..::DeUCeD::.. (url)
Creates the code for multiple collapsible elements in a page or post.

Comment Plugger 1.1  Comment Plugger 1.1
» Nick Momrik (url)
Gives a list of that last people to comment on a post, with a link to their site if they provided one.

Contact Form 7 2.4.6  Contact Form 7 2.4.6
» Takayuki Miyoshi (url)
Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.

Customize Meta Widget 0.2  Customize Meta Widget 0.2
» Jehy (url)
Add or remove links from meta widget, especially sometimes annoying link to

Custom Smilies 2.9.2  Custom Smilies 2.9.2
» Crazy Loong (url)
Personalize your posts and comments using custom smilies. Previously named Custom Smileys. it (older than version 2.0) maintained by QAD.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.15  Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.15
» Dagon Design (url)
Generates a fully customizable sitemap

Do Follow 4.2.2  Do Follow 4.2.2
» Denis de Bernardy, Mike Koepke (url)
RETIRED – Removes the evil nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments.

Get Recent Comments 2.0.6  Get Recent Comments 2.0.6
» Krischan Jodies (url)
Display the most recent comments or trackbacks with your own formatting in the sidebar. Visit Options/Recent Comments after activation of the plugin.

Last Modified 1.11  Last Modified 1.11
» Nick Momrik (url)
Displays the date and time that the post/page was last modified.

Lightbox 2 2.9.2  Lightbox 2 2.9.2
» Rupert Morris (url)
Used to overlay images on the current page. Lightbox JS v2.2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Now with better regular expressions, courtesy of Michael Tyson!

Maintenance Mode 5.4  Maintenance Mode 5.4
» Michael Wöhrer (url)
Adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end. Navigate to Settings → Maintenance Mode to get started.

Multi Column Link List 1.3  Multi Column Link List 1.3
» Dagon Design (url)
Displays a customizable list of links in multiple columns

My profiles v0.6  My profiles v0.6
» Anant Shrivastava (url)
this plugin provides a sleek and easy way to list all your profiles and to let others connect with you. So activate and visit the Settings Page.

NextGEN Gallery 1.8.3  NextGEN Gallery 1.8.3
» Alex Rabe (url)
A NextGENeration Photo Gallery for WordPress

Pagebar2 2.59  Pagebar2 2.59
» Lutz Schröer (url)
Adds an advanced page navigation to Wordpress.

Page Tree 2.8.1  Page Tree 2.8.1
» Måns Jonasson (url)
Display Wordpress pages in a collapsible tree structure for better overview

Plugin Notes 1.6  Plugin Notes 1.6
» Mohammad Jangda (url)
Allows you to add notes to plugins. Simple and sweet.

Recently Updated Posts 0.4  Recently Updated Posts 0.4
» Hannes Hofmann (url)
Returns a list of the most recently updated posts.

Shockingly Simple Favicon 1.8.2  Shockingly Simple Favicon 1.8.2
» matias s (url)
A simple way to put a favicon on your site.

Special Text Boxes 3.10.60  Special Text Boxes 3.10.60
» minimus (url)
Adds simple colored text boxes to highlight some portion of post text. Use it for highlights warnings, alerts, infos and downloads in your blog posts. Visit SimpleLib blog for more details.

Syntax Highlighter and Code Prettifier Plugin for WordPress 2.1.364  Syntax Highlighter and Code Prettifier Plugin for WordPress 2.1.364
» Vijesh Mehta (url)
Simple and probably one of the best syntax highlighters in the market. This plugin integrates Alex Gorbatchev’s Syntax Highlighter Tool : Full Support for : Bash/shell, C#, C++, CSS, Delphi, Diff, Groovy, JavaScript, Java, Perl, PHP, Plain Text, Python, Ruby, Scala, SQL, Visual Basic and XML.

TTFTitles 0.4.2  TTFTitles 0.4.2
» John Leavitt (url)
This plugin provides two new template tags to replace plain text with styled images. This is primarily a reworking of the Image Headlines plugin. Of course, THAT was a reworking of another plugin by Joel Bennett. The main changes over Brian’s plugin are (a) a richer admin interface, (b) the ability to predefine multiple image text styles, and (c) using template tags instead of depending on arguments to the_title. Anything that works really well probably came from Brian’s code. Anything screwed up is probably my fault.

Who is Online 0.1.5  Who is Online 0.1.5
» Peter McDonald (url)
Displays who is currently on your blog and for how long.

WP-Ban 1.62  WP-Ban 1.62
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Ban users by IP, IP Range, host name, user agent and referer url from visiting your WordPress’s blog. It will display a custom ban message when the banned IP, IP range, host name, user agent or referer url tries to visit you blog. You can also exclude certain IPs from being banned. There will be statistics recordered on how many times they attemp to visit your blog. It allows wildcard matching too.

WP-DBManager 2.65  WP-DBManager 2.65
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.

WP-PageNavi 2.85  WP-PageNavi 2.85
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan & scribu (url)
Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog

WP-PluginsUsed 1.50  WP-PluginsUsed 1.50
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.

WP-PostViews 1.66  WP-PostViews 1.66
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed.

WP-Referrers 1.01  WP-Referrers 1.01
» Thomas Tsoi (url)
This plugin shows the referrers to your blog

WP-Stats 2.50  WP-Stats 2.50
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display your WordPress blog statistics. Ranging from general total statistics, some of my plugins statistics and top 10 statistics.

WP-Table Reloaded 1.9.4  WP-Table Reloaded 1.9.4
» Tobias Bäthge (url)
This plugin allows you to create and easily manage tables in the admin-area of WordPress. A comfortable backend allows an easy manipulation of table data. You can then include the tables into your posts, on your pages or in text widgets by using a shortcode or a template tag function. Tables can be imported and exported from/to CSV, XML and HTML.

WP-UserOnline 2.83  WP-UserOnline 2.83
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan & scribu (url)
Enable you to display how many users are online on your Wordpress site

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